Practicing the art and skill of building worlds.


30 Days of Worldbuilding

30 Days of Worldbuilding

Don’t be fooled by the humble (well… wince-worthy) site — this is a great resource for anyone who has trouble figuring out where to go from their initial concept.

30 Days of Worldbuilding does not necessarily take 30 days — some steps can be skipped, and some combined. Some involve some reading, but only take about 15 minutes of actual work; others take a few hours of full-blown creativity. All in all, it is fun and low-stress, and I highly recommend it.

I thought this would be a good link to start the blog with, since for my first series of posts, I’ll be going through 30 Days of Worldbuilding with my new world concept, under the category Morbid Magics. Other runs through 30 Days of Worldbuilding, should I post them, will be under the world’s category as well as under the 30 Days of Worldbuilding category.


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