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Worldbuilding Day 3: Mood and Setting

30 Days of Worldbuilding: Day 3

This is one of those exercises that can be difficult to apply to a large setting with varying moods and atmospheres. In a case like that, you might want to divide your setting into a few “sub-settings” and do this for each one. In some cases, there’s just really no way to make this fit. Them’s the breaks.

An elf markswoman from the Wesnoth fantasy set...

It's not that kind of fantasy. For once. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My “climate list” is built with high fantasy wilderness adventuring in mind (because let’s be honest here — I do everything with high fantasy wilderness adventuring in mind) so it’s really not a big use to me in this project.

I want this campaign to be set in a huge metropolis in an area where I can get a good mix of weather — snow in the winter time, maybe heat in the summer. I’m wanting there to be a large body of water nearby, as well. A general sort of overcast would be a plus, since my concept is a tad morbid overall.

For once, it’s not terribly important to me to be geographically accurate. Maybe one day I’ll world map this thing, but for now, I’m content to keep it contained.

Just for fun, I’m going to do the exercise at the bottom. What kind of atmosphere do I want to give my players?

  • Adjective: run-down
  • Adjective: dark
  • Verb: investigate
  • Noun: city

According to the exercise, there are pine forests in my future. Maybe I can work with that, haha!

What kind of atmosphere do you like to give your settings? Does it vary by story or campaign, or is there a particular one that you like best?


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