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Worldbuilding Day 5: The Map

30 Days of Worldbuilding: Day 5

What was that? Are you sure? It’s finally here? It’s finally here! It’s day 5! Hooray hooray, what a frabjous day!

What? What’s that funny look for? What am I so happy about? What do you mean what am I happy about? Today is map day! The best day in all of worldbuilding! The day when the world finally goes on paper!

Okay, okay. I know cartography isn’t everyone’s thing, but I’m a visual thinker and I might love maps a little too much. Ahem. Anyway, my map is a city map rather than a regional one, so there’s a lot of stuff I don’t have to worry about — deserts, mountain ranges, rivers (mostly), etc.

All the names are pretty much placeholder. I decided on craters vs. a caldera, but I stuck it in as a placeholder name just because I like it. Ignore the “district” names; I really have no clue what they’re actually going to be. But I have a general clue what my land shape looks like, and the craters are interesting points, so that’s all that’s needed for a first draft map, at least for now.