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30 Days of Worldbuilding: When to Use

Not all methods are for everyone, and I forgot to give a moment to that when I was spouting off love and cuddles for 30 Days of Worldbuilding before. So here’s a little aside about who exactly 30 Days is for….

30 Days of Worldbuilding will help if you…

  • …only have a vague idea of what kind of world you want to build.
  • …don’t have a solid story idea yet.
  • …don’t have any idea what direction to go in.

30 Days of Worldbuilding probably won’t help you much if you…

  • …already have a pretty good idea what you want to write.
  • …have some worldbuilding done and are looking to refine what you have.
  • …are looking for a comprehensive resource to answer all of your worldbuilding questions.

To clarify, 30 Days of Worldbuilding is a tool to help get you started; a beginner resource, if you will. That said, I’d still recommend it to any worldbuilder who’s stuck and looking for new things to think about.

As with all creative ventures, remember — if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.